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Can these Logic features be translated into Garageband?

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If a student  wanted to study say Stevie Wonder's solo on 'That Girl' an ideal vehicle  would be to obtain a project where  someone  with expertise had  put the original into Logic, Beatmapped  the the track so the bars conform exactly to the audio, transcribe and score it out as a single line.  Use Varispeed and Cycle Mode to use to slow down and loop bars etc  - but they would need their own copy of Logic on a Mac

If they dont have Logic the alternative would be a  a quicktime video of the Score running in Logic which they could stop etc   - go back  https://www.dropbox.com/s/qy2rn9ql91ydj2i/That Girl Harmonica Logic Notated Solo.mp4?dl=0 

But to play the video on a tablet or laptop gives  less flexibility  in terms of zooming in musically on specific phrases and looping bars.

I recently started experimenting with Garageband ( which I have never used before) and found that you could import a movie just like you can in Logic. This gives one greater flexibility in terms of Looping ( and slowing down using Flexi thing).. but -

You cannot cycle the bars accurately - because for a Beatmapped song you would need the Map to be importated into Garageband which looks like you cannot do.

So this would work if it was a pop tune with a rigid known BPM which stayed the same - then you could just set the Metronome to that BPM and the bars would all sync.

Question: is it possible to time stretch or quantise audio in Logic to a rounded average steady BPM  ?

This would mean you would perhaps lose some of the feel but if it the original was pretty much a steady beat ( without great variations in tempo like you would find in classical music) would it be possible to average out the audio to a solid BPM that could last the whole tune?

Because then you could import the resulting iMovie into Garageband, set the BPM and the bars would all loop precisely

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