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External summing and latency

Kenny cash

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Hello, interested in learning more about the I/o plug-in and how to incorporate it into my setup.  I use a Mac Studio with Ventura OS and logic 10.7

I currently run 20 outs (outputs 5-24)via apogee symphony to my burl Vancouver and then into a couple of outboard pieces. Typically I run busses first and then each buss is sent to an output. Occasionally multiple busses will share the same output. From there the burl goes into my apogee ins (not that it matters but 21+22) and then I monitor it via my stereo outs. About half way through my mix I may pop a limiter on stereo out to make sure things glue nicely and I feel comfortable reaching level. 

The problem is I am experiencing latency (which is mainly an issue when trying to do automation rides). I understand that there may be no way to avoid this while the limiter is on but I’d like to know the ideal set up to avoid latency while limiter is bypassed or not even applied.


below are a couple of other questions I have involving the I/o plug-in.

Can you put I/o plug-in on a buss?
If I put plug ins insets on individual tracks, should I/o plug-in go before or after?
If I put I/o plug-in on track can I put additional plugins on the buss that it goes to or will that create latency/phasing?
Should all I/o plugins have different outputs but share the Same input?
Every time I add an insert or plug-in do I have to ping for latency again?

Sorry for so many questions but I’d love to know the recommended setup for this. And anything possible issues I may come across or should be on the look out for..

Looking forward to you response. 


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