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Sample sounds worse in DAW


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Hi every time I drag a sample from splice into Logic Pro it sounds different even though nothing is on it. Its not just volume its timbre. Ive tried importing this kick one shot WAV as audio, into the Logic Pro sampler, into Battery 4.. All sounds worse than when browsing on splice

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Here are some suggestions (some of which may be obvious, but I'll mention them anyway, just to be thorough):

- Presumably you're auditioning Splice samples via the browser interface or the Splice app. In either case there may be differences in how you're hearing them, e.g. due to volume differences, compressed vs uncompressed, etc. Since the whole point of auditioning in Splice is to evaluate the sample, I'd expect the fidelity to be good and the representation accurate, so I doubt this is the problem, but since it's a different playback environment, it's at least worth mentioning.

- As mentioned above (and I know this is obvious), make sure you're volume-matching, since volume differences can make things sound different when they're really not. [Edit: I do see that you said it's specifically timbre and not volume, but I'll leave this here for completeness.]

- Try listening to the sample in multiple different playback environments: Finder 'quick look', Audacity (free), plain Logic audio track with unity gain and no processing, different samplers (as you're doing), etc. See if it sounds better to you in some cases than others. If you find a difference, it might help you determine where the issue is (if there is one).

- Whatever playback method you're having issues with, make sure it's as close to neutral as possible (filters off, etc.).

- If you find an apparent mismatch in timbre, use an analyzer to look for differences, bounce and compare waveforms, phase-invert one copy and play together, etc. to see if the differences are really there and what might be causing them.

I know this was a long response for what seems like a fairly straightforward issue, but for something like this there are many troubleshooting and analysis steps you could conceivably take, so it seems worth going into some detail. In any case, certainly there's nothing inherent about Logic to the best of my knowledge that would make it impossible to get neutral results, so my guess is there's something else going on here.

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9 hours ago, ColbyKeyz said:

Ive tried importing this kick one shot WAV as audio, into the Logic Pro sampler,

Start by importing it to an audio track. Check that it sounds exactly the same as in Splice? Now drag in Sampler, and check the settings so that it sounds the same as on your track. If that doesn't work, attach a project here with a sample so that one of us can have a look. 

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