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Next/Previous Articulation Shortcut


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I don't think this function/shortcut exists in Logic Pro, but it would be great to be able to switch to the next articulation with one shortcut and to the previous one with another. I use orchestral libraries with dozens of articulations in combination with Babylon Waves Art Conductor for Logic Pro and although the idea to be able to quickly go to basic articulations always with the same MIDI key (like keyswitches) among all the libraries is very good, there are some exceptions. Some libraries do not work exactly the same way than others, and also some libraries have many unusual articulations for which there is impossible to establish a standard keyswitch.

That's why I think it would be useful to be able to assign two keys of my MIDI controller to simply switch between articulations step by step, one key to advance to the next articulation, and another one to return to the previous one. I think it would be the most agile way to be able to quickly go through many articulations until you find the one you want.

Has anyone found a way to do this?

Thank you!

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I have EastWest orchestra and programmed my own keystrokes into logic using articulation sets. It took a bit to get the hang of it but when you’re set up you’re golden. 
I use a ‘flute’ articulation set for my piccolos etc. my cello set can be used for basses violins violas etc as I have 

legato, staccato, etc for each. Probably about six articulations per instrument. 
then I use a keystroke to change between them. 

is this what you’re looking for?



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Thanks for your reply Zipfunk.

Not exactly, I just want two shortcuts to switch between articulations, one for going to the next articulation and another to the previous one, no matter what articulation it is.

I also have EastWest OPUS Hollywood Orchestra among other libraries (VSL Special Edition, Spitfire BBC, etc.) and I use them in combination with Babylon Waves Art Conductor, with pre-programmed articulation sets for Logic Pro X.

I already have a control surface with a custom TouchOSC template where I have assigned some buttons for the most common articulation changes (sustain, legato, tremolo, pizzicato, staccato, etc.). However, many libraries like the EastWest OPUS Hollywood Orchestra include lots of not-so-usual but very useful articulations (with sordino patches, runs, effects, repetitions, Bartók snap, sul pont, sul tasto, rips, falls and a lot more) that I'd like to quickly sweep through all of them with just two buttons. For that reason, those "next articulation" and "previous articulation" shortcuts should be very useful (like zapping TV channels) since creating a shortcut for each of them is not feasible, there are too many.

Unfortunately, I can't find any option in Logic Pro to program a shortcut for this specific function.

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