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separating outputs in ultrabeat???


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Easy all,


I'm tring to separate the kicks and snares for eqing and fx. I know this has been covered in other threads but being relatively new to this (and a bit thick!) I'm still struggling...


Someone wrote this earlier.....'You have to set up an Aux fader with the input set to Ultrabeat 3-4. Be sure that the stereo on the fader channel is toggled. You can then control this output from this channel strip, volume, panning, eq and any other effects you want on it."


Cool. But being the fool I am I need help not just setting up this aux fader but finding the ruddy thing in the first place and whats this "toggling" business all about eh? and which window should I be in to do all this??


Ideally I want to see separate channels for the different parts and then insert whatevers necessary...anyone able to help??


Thanks :wink:

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1. Make sure Ultrabeat is in Multichannel mode not Stereo (you might have to load up mc mode but don't worry...all your setings will be copied over automatically).


2. You go into the Environment -> you create new Aux channels (if they don't already exist, if they do, skip this)


3. Now in UB, you'll notice each "track"/sound/whatever has a panpot and an output set (1/2, 3/4, 5/6). If you click on the output set you can change it to any pair up to 15/16).


4. Now when you move the panpot to the left, that will be the odd channel; vice verse: even. So with output set to 13-14, panpot to the left sends that sound out to output 13. To the right, 14.


5. You go back in the environment or mixer, you click on the input for an empty aux channel, you see "Instrument 4" or whatever number your UB is set to. Then there's a pile of outputs (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, etc). Choose the one you want. So, using the above example, you have the snare set to Output 13 (cause the panpot's to the left), you pick 13 here in this list, and now the snare's coming out of this aux channel.


6. Do this with all the individual outs you want, then you can add inserts etc. Any sounds you haven't actually "taken out" to an aux channel will play on the Instrument's main outputs.


7. I recommend having all the individual aux outs go to one bus, for ease of control later in the mix.

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