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Green score cursor vanishes when it reaches the red record bar when recording audio in Logic Pro 9


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Hi, can anyone on this forum help with a problem that has (seemingly) just appeared for me in Logic Pro 9?

When I'm recording a cellist or violinist, I produce the score for them using a software instrument channel and the EXS 24 sampled instruments plug-in. I play in the cello/violin part via a midi keyboard, which creates a midi region on this track and I then select the midi region and open a new score window by going to the Logic menu bar along the top and choosing 'window/score'. I then move this score window over onto a separate screen in front of the cellist, replacing their sheet music.
In the Logic Arrange window, I use the green 'cycle' bar along the top to select the section I want to record into, including a lead -in of several bars before the recording kicks in. I use the red 'autopunch' function to set where the actual recording starts and stops.
Record enabling my audio tracks, I then press record and I watch the green cursor move along the score in the score window - giving my cellist a guide to when to come in, but when it reaches the red autopunch bar and the recording starts, it vanishes! When I stop recording, the green score cursor appears again, in the location it should be at the point in the project where I pressed stop.
This problem has only just started to happen I believe because for years now the cellist has commented on how useful it is to have the green cursor move along the score in time with music in his headphones.

Can anyone suggest a solution to this problem please?

Many Thanks

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Thanks for the reply David

I have found since I posted my original question that in some of my other Logic projects, the green cursor does not vanish when it reaches the red recording bar and I ran a test by opening and closing the original project that had the problem and the projects where it was ok , without shutting Logic down - so the problem seems to be project specific, rather than a global setting

I did find that on the score page in the menu along the top - right at the end is 'view' and one of the choices in this drop down menu is 'Scroll In Play' but there is no indication to show whether this is selected or deselected  and I have yet to test whether this has any effect on the problem of the cursor vanishing when recording.


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