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How to isolate left or right channel in audio track but listen to it through both output channels

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This is one of those that I thought would be much much easier and it's not. I tried like 30 of the filters that come with Logic, and the channel strip playing with sends, the panners and everything else but no dice, and a Google search tells me how to extract left and right from the audio file. 

What I need is more simple. I'm trying to figure out some instruments in a song I'm trying to learn, and some of them are on the right channel, and some on the left. But it's going to be much easier to isolate each channel and listen to it on both headphones rather than just pan all to the right, or to the left. 

But I can't seem to find a way to do that very simple thing, and I think I've done in the past, just can't remember how. Is that possible without making two separate files, on for each channel?

And by the way, I can't understand why Logic has a Stereo Pan and a Balance, both of which obviously apply to stereo tracks, so what's the difference?



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Click hold on the "oo" in the channel strip, and choose "Left", or "Right" to listen to just one side.


As for the panning, check out what the manual says (always a good first place to start):


Stereo Pan: The Stereo Pan mode is only available on stereo channel strips. Use this mode to place the position of the left and right signals individually in the stereo field, as if you had two separate pan knobs.

Balance: This is the default panning mode for stereo channel strips. It differs from Stereo Pan mode in that it controls the relative levels of two signals (Left and Right) at their outputs.


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