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Logic Step Sequencer losing sound output


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Got a weird one. Running Logic 10.7.5 on an M1 MBA. When I create a new Software Instrument track and open up the step sequencer and try to create a new pattern with the preview running, the MIDI audio begins dropping out, track by track, until there's just no sound coming out. This is whether I create a sequence of my own or use one of the presets. Sometimes changing the instrument will bring it back, usually actually playing the track itself (not the preview) will also work, but I haven't found a reliable way of getting the audio working again. I don't believe it's a soundcard (MOTU M4) issue as all other computer sounds work as does playing the track.

Shutting down Logic and restarting works, but that's hardly a solution. 

does anyone know what is up with this?


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okay, here we are are. very simple sequencer pattern from a new project. as I was running it in preview with just the kick drum, it ran a number of times and then just went silent. Got the sound back by hitting "play" on the actual main project, then as I kept adding instruments with preview running, they started dropping out again until I only had the snare.

silent midi sequencer.logicx.zip

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new empty project. create new pattern in the top track. chose the LinnDrum sound out of the library. hit preview. laid down a series of kicks. added and removed a few steps until landing on the 1 for each measure. after a few runs - 5 to 10? - the sound stopped though the sequencer kept running.

I tried sending the audio through the laptop speakers in case the issue was somehow with my MOTU M4, which is a recent purchase, and same thing.

It's really just perplexing. and I really want to use the step sequencer because I'm annoyed at my drum machines, but as it stands, I just cannot.

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Ok I was able to reproduce this issue! In fact after a while the step sequencer just stopped playing altogether. Weird. 

I've always found the Step Sequencer preview buggy so I've gotten used to select the Pattern region, press Command-U to get a matching cycle area, and press Play (Press S if you need to solo it). That's reliable. 

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thank you! I'm just glad a) it's not an issue with my interface, and b) I'm not insane. Yeah using the cycle area certainly works, I just used the preview because I was doing a couple tutorials and that's what they used... and then the sound started disappearing and I went down the rabbit hole...

I hope it's something that Apple can/will fix soon. it's a pretty dumb bug!

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