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Importing Audio BACK into a project


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@polanoid Yep you're exactly right. Seems the file references initially use absolute paths rather than relative paths (and only point to the local copy files if the external pointers don't work). It never crossed my mind to report it as a bug as it always struck me more as a design choice I guess. Easy enough to mitigate when you know about, but I'd love for it to not do that so maybe I should.

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Does make sense I suppose... So copy, then unmount the original before opening and saving is what you're saying? You're saying it probably isn't adding the _1 on the copy, just when saved?

BTW - some news: as you know, I have had to copy my projects onto another HD (non SSD) as my SSD drive has been playing up; self-ejecting and as more recently discovered, corrupting files, yay!) - well you might be please to hear, after 18 months of comping with 'will it, won't it', I just found out from the guys who supplied it with my Mac mini, that apparently, it has been found that some Samsung drives have had this as a problem!!!! So they can finally address that as not something I might be doing and are finally replacing it for me!

I just wonder how much of my past, present and general Logic and Mac issues are connected with the drive maybe corrupting things... 🤔

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