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Quick Loop Points For Monitoring


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Hey guys.  Quick question please.  Not sure if other people do this but I typically set my beginning and end points as exactly what I'm going to bounce to, so it's precisely the right length when I print.  The one I picture below for example had a long intro that is currently excised, so this results in weird numbers I can't easily reset.  However, often I want to hear a short phrase like a guitar riff over and over while making subtle adjustments on an amp plugin for example.  Is there a way to turn on an additional begin and end points that will loop the entire song for that section until I turn it off?  I was hoping for maybe another set of start / stop points below the 96/ 143 one.  Or perhaps there is a way to do it by the region itself, so the whole song loops the length of that region(s)? 


Sorry if the answer is obvious and thanks so much for any help.  




I found it!  Click at top of timeline so it shades yellow, then set the length quickly.  Thank you guys.  Resolved.

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There is no second set of locators, but as there are the key commands "Create Marker by Cycle Area" and "Set Locators by Marker and enable Cycle", you could create a new empty Marker Set, store the locator range you use for bouncing in a Marker using the former key command, set your locators by the region you want to audition, and when you're finished with this you can restore the "bounce range" using the latter key command.

Maybe there's better workarounds as well, let's see if someone else comes up with something.

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