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LPX sustain pedal anomaly - controller default values changing with no apparent reason

David Pickell
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Hello - just found my sustain pedal not releasing: it's recording alternating values of 127 and 6, rather than 127 and 0. Has anyone else had this weirdness? 

I might just go into the environment and use a transform to subtract the 6 and send correct info to my piano plugin - but honestly, how does this happen?? Anyone seen this?

Cheers - David 


LPX 10.7.4 

Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 1.19.17 PM.png

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6 hours ago, David Pickell said:

Sustain values 127 and 6!! 

Logic is dumb in that way that it just records whatever MIDI events it receives, so the issue is most likely with your pedal or keyboard that sends those values.

Good to hear this is resolved for now. However, should it reoccur, you can download and install the free utility Snoize's MIDI Monitor (https://www.snoize.com/midimonitor/) in order to verify what exact MIDI events your Mac (and thus Logic) is receiving. 

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The pedal itself doesn't send a CC, it's just an on-off switch. It's the device it's plugged in (i.e. your keyboard) that translates that into CC64.

For most instruments (including hardware), a CC64 value of 0 and 6 are treated the same, only switching if the value is greater than or less than 63. 

Glad to hear the bug went away!

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You are correct, polanoid, there are "half damper" sustain pedals that are continuous controllers. Not all instruments and controllers respond to them, however. They have become quite common in high end stage pianos.

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