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Play head jumps back to another spot when pressing R to record


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I'm sure I turned something on by mistake and am unsure what it might be. I can play a section, then press Shift-R to capture the recording, but when I press R to record, the play head jumps back to a spot I recorded at earlier. This happens when I go to the Record menu and turn Quick Punchin off. I also have the left and right locators set to the new spot, because I was attempting to turn cycle on and record a bunch of alternate tracks. I also checked the track headers of all tracks, and found that the Enable Recording checkboxes are unchecked. Someone told me that this is OK. How can I go about diagnosing this issue?


I'm running Logic 10.7 on a MacBook Early 2015 with latest OS updates.





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Have you tried a long click (click-hold) / Ctrl-click / right-click on the control bar’s Record button should reveal different (self explanatory) options (to enable/disable) about same. Same goes for the Play button.

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