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best sample and buffer settings for this situation:

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I'm recording simultaneously classical guitar and voice with two mics.  Micing is set, the sound is great and I've achieved a means to good balance and control between the guitar and voice audios both with miking and post volume and wet/dry manipulation on the two tracks.  I had first set the buffer size and recording delay/samples very low so I would not experience latency in the headphones (see attachment).  However, it's only a distraction to play classical guitar while listening to it in headphones so I'm recording with no monitor headphones, therefore delay in the system is of no concern.  Question:  Should I up the buffer and sample settings? What is the optimal settings for quality intake, especially since latency is not an issue?  I'm using an ADK condenser mic and an Encore Blue dynamic.

Screen Shot 2023-02-03 at 10.18.33 PM.png

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Just interested in understanding about buffers and sample settings.  I never would have learned anything about them except I've had some big projects that caused crashing and big latency.  A recent project laden with inefficient but would be ruined if I "fixed" it had so much delay that I had to record in a separate logic pro file and then copy them into the project.  I was assuming that if latency is not a issue like current project of recording with out headphones or monitor on, that the largest buffer and sample sizes would be the best quality recording, but wanted to know if I was making a wrong assumption.  I'm not necessarily changing the buffer settings though.  Unless I was educated more about this and was advised to make changes.

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32 minutes ago, KeithJames said:

that the largest buffer and sample sizes would be the best quality recording

Buffer only relates to latency, no connection to quality.

Higher sample rates give you more resolution and bigger files and will diminish latency as well, but 48k should be plenty as a general rule.

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