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Getting Logic 9 files and software instrument files from old version & computer into new iMac and new Pro x


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been inactive for years, have newest Logic Pro x on a new iMac and want to finish my old songs.  old computer died but I have the drive dumped onto a Samsung ssd and old projects files still saved on external drives. I open old projects in new Pro x and tons of audio files are missing and my software instruments are silent or triggering different sounds and my self made "5 piece kit" is not in new Library. I find the 5 piece kit in my external drives as a audio file folder and and exe file, there are lots of copies there for some reason, how do I get these into my new Pro x ? thanks I'm VERY RUSTY on the whole software, thanks

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Copy your old files from your old Mac to the same location on your new Mac, and Logic should read them.

If your projects are self-contained, and have all their audio files in their folder or package, then copying projects is trivial. If however you have recorded audio in random locations, so projects don't have all their assets in their old folder/package, then it could be a nightmare to manage.

For sampler instruments, you'll need the EXS files, and any sample files those instrument reference - again, just copy them from the old computer to the new computer in the same locations.

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