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positive recording delay


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I have logic being a bit late to start recording and it seems that setting recording delay to a positive number fixes it. I went through some old posts and it seems that most people recommend not to touch it 🙂

Here is the scenario -> Logic sending Midi through RME Fireface to Digitakt which generates audio being recorded by Fireface back to logic. 

Digi is too fast and beginning of the first sample is cut here is what it looks like on a second beat, plus some settings. 

This happens also when I send just Midi Clock to Digitakt from logic and sequence from digi. 

~+250 fixes the issue but maybe there is something more to it somewhere else? How can digi+ff timetravel???



I am running aggregated device Fireface + iMac headphone out. Logic 10.7.7 M1 iMac 13.2










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none of those I use either... at the end, I set 5ms Delay on the midi out and it is solved 🙂 Could be logic just automatically compensating for device latency? ("Resulting Latency" in Audio/Device is 5,2ms Output?) so if the midi is sent 5ms earlier sound from external gear will play in sync with internally generated sounds?  
But my machines are just too fast 🙂

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I had this problem for years using Studio Vision Pro and later, LPX. When you play back the audio and the original midi-generated notes, are they in sync, even though the audio looks "early?"  That was my situation-they played back together fine. It drove me nuts, though, and if I wanted to edit the audio on the bar line it was, of course, a little early. I finally started using an audio recording delay with matching playback compensation (in Studio Vision Pro this is set manually; there is auto latency compensation) and got things to line up. I've seen several posts on this forum about the same thing. It seems weird to have your recording come out AHEAD of your source, as if you're defying time or something, but it's common.

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