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LPX project won't "recover..."


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I have a song that contains several Wave plugin's that I know have a license for. The project opens and a dialogue box open (see picture). If I click "recover" it goes away but pops back up in seconds. This is a new issue for me, since upgrading to M1 Mac mini (and canceling my Waves subscription). Any advice on how to get around this error message?

To be clear, I don't know if the Waves plugins are causing this. I have other projects that will open and I can disable or change the plugins.


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A third-party plugin is crashing. If the *only* third-party plugins you have are Waves, then it's one of those. If you have other third-party plugins, it could be any of those.

If you want to troubleshoot, you can also turn of Core Audio in your audio preferences, load the project, then experiment by disabling various plugins, re-enabling Core Audio, and seeing if the problem goes away - that way you can tr to identify which plugin is causing the problem.

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