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Stopping recording with cycle mode on before the the end clips the region short


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Hi has anyone had this happen

I was recording a synth part with cycle mode on -when recording  the part regions takes up bars all the bats from the start of cycle until around bar 49.

Then I press space bar to stop the recording  just before the end of the cycle at bar 49, as I didn't want it to cycle back round.  

As soon I as press stop, for some reason the region is clipped short like this - any ideas why?  Is it a bug/corrupted?   Usually the region will end at the end of the cycle area if the the recording is stopped. 

I've tried with two other different tracks and the same thing happens - within the particular project and the same thing happens. 

When recorded with no cycle mode, the region ends just before the end of bar 49 - as it should - when I press stop. 

Screenshot 2023-02-04 at 14.39.34.png

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