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Mackie vs Genelec

Ace of Dubs

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Both Mackie and Genelec make really good monitors. I heard the HR824 and thought the low frequency response was a little... surnatural. Boosted, but not tight. I ended up getting the Genelec, I think I have the 1030A. They're great, a little hyped in the high-end, which you have to get used to if you don't want your mixes to sound totally muffled.


I remember listening to the JBL LSR-something at the time (several years ago) and I really liked them too, but they were way too big for my room (10' x 12').


So anyway, it's really a matter of taste, as all monitors have their weaknesses that you will have to learn to compensate for. Good luck whichever way you end up going!

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I agree with David. The studio where I work has both 1031's and now 8040A's. The 1031's have a deceiving high end but are still great. Genelec's new 8000 series seem to have corrected this and the imaging is amazing. Also, the housing in the 8000's negates the use of isolaters because of the built in nub stands. I'm actually ordering a set of 8040's for home next week.
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So I got a pair of Genelec 8030's. Demoed them in the store and fell in love!


Thanks for the input on this thread


Try to not back yourself against the wall. Turn your desk around so that you don't get reflections and cancelation from that wall behind you, open up the listening environment. For the best monitors I've ever heard, check out: http://bagend.com/ (the MM-8's)


Nice tip! This is the kind of stuff I really need to educate myself about. Do you think I need anything in terms of padding or sound-proofing?

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The need for sound proofing and diffusion would depend on if unwanted sound is leaking in or out of the studio or if there are wide open spaces on your walls that are giving you a predictable slapback trajectory rather than a well diffused verb. If it's not hindering your mixes, you're fine, if it's tricking your ears, check out some Auralex or the many other fine diffusion/deadening foams out there. http://auralex.com/
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I too demoed both mackies and genelec 8030. I chose the genelecs, they just sounded tighter than the mackies,and for their size/price I really wouldn't complain - an excellent speaker for my smallish home studio (I'm in a 12' x 12' room and I feed to 8030 direct from motu828mk2 at full output level, the level on me 8030 is set around 10'o'clock - these babies sure can go V loud!, -without losing their clear. crisp, full, tightness)

Hope this helps



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