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Sampler one-shot... unless same key's hit?

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Hi all -

I'm having trouble figuring out the following, assuming it's possible - any help would be huge!

I've sampled an old instrument that I'm loading into Logic's sampler. I've got round robins set up on each key. I have things set up as one-shots. Is there a way to have the one-shot play until the end of the sample UNLESS the same key is hit to trigger another sample in the round robin series?


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If I understand your question correctly, you want to look at "exclusive groups" perhaps ? Quote from the manual: 

"Exclusive pop-up menu: Assign multiple groups to the same Exclusive Class. Groups in the same class can only be used independently. As soon as one group in the class is triggered, all other groups in that same class are disabled.

Tip: A practical use of the Playback parameters is to set up a classic hi-hat mode within a full drum kit that is mapped across the keyboard. For example, you could assign an open and closed hi-hat sample to an exclusive group and set the Voices parameter of the group to 1. The most recently triggered of the two hi-hat samples mutes the other because only one voice is allowed for the group. This mirrors the real-world behavior of hi-hats. The other sounds of the drum kit can still be played polyphonically, if samples in zones are assigned to another group."

 Use Sampler Group view in Logic Pro

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