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Waves Harmony Issue on Logic Pro


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I just recently downloaded waves harmony and had to update my Logic Pro X to Logic Pro and my Mac OS as well to the up to date OS. I see the plug in in my daw but I can only use it as a send and not directly on the track because it doesn’t pop up when I search it as a mono or even m->s it’s only stereo and I have to use it as a send and then drag it on the track any help with this issue?

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I’ll check again when I get home but I don’t want to necessarily do that sometimes a stereo sound is too much when I’m tracking my vocals. It’s strange too because if I go on Pro Tools I can use it on a mono track 

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if you have a mono track (ie a vocal), it will still be mono; just the track will function in stereo... and this may allow harmony to show up.

i just moved to a new mac, and did not (yet) install harmony, so i can't check it. but try the stereo track idea

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I am not getting the same results Conxept.

If I insert WH on a stereo channel strip it instantiates a stereo version.

If I insert WH on a mono channel strip it instantiates a mono > stereo version. 

There's no need to change the track format although it is probably worthwhile doing as fisherking suggests to see what happens. Have a look in Plugin Manager and make sure that you have both versions installed.

I just had a look at mine in Plugin Manager and there are 2 versions, Stereo and Mono > Stereo. Unlike TrueVerb which comes in Mono, Stereo and Mono > Stereo versions.



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Harmony is designed to do a variety of things from doubling a vocal to creating a lush harmony spread across the stereo field.  The operative term being "stereo"which is a big part of its strength.  This is probably why there is a limit of what you can do in the mono version.

What you can do, is hold in option when choosing a plugin and get access to the stereo versions of the plugins if need be, but the m->s version should, in there work fine here.  It may however, not show up if you're inserting it between two mono plugins.  Try changing any following plugin to stereo format and it should show.

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