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There are more apps for iMac than ever before. But Logic not listed!


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But wait - scroll to the section titled 'Studio-quality mics.' There's Logic in the background! (Edit: Or maybe GarageBand.) So all is not lost 🙂

Also, I have to agree with David's hypothesis on this one. Logic's icon isn't particularly aesthetically appealing (IMO) and doesn't seem particularly consistent with Apple's current design aesthetic, so I'm not surprised they didn't include it.

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4 hours ago, Dox said:


That is not Logic in the background on the screen under Studio Quality Mics but GarageBand! Logic isn't even on the Dock!!

Yeah, I know, I edited my post to acknowledge I spoke to soon 🙂 And you're right, you can see GarageBand in the dock. So I guess no Logic after all...

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46 minutes ago, JamesReay said:

I just noticed that this morning. Been thinking of upgrading to the latest and greatest I mac 24 but will it run Logic pro and all the other plugins and hardware that my Imac27 is currently handling?

start a thread. let us know what OS you're running now, what version of logic. check the developer's websites, see what they say about ventura, about the M1. here, if you want thoughts, we need more info...

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