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Mac Studio monitors

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 I'm looking at Mac Studio-compatible monitors but the Apple 27" monitor seems a little, shall we say, 'overpriced.' An alternative, the LG 27UP850, seems quite reasonable, but because I've always used all-in-one Mac's I know next to nothing about separate monitors. I am not a gamer, definitely not, so it's primarily for Logic Pro and Final Cut Pro.


Any views would be welcome.

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I have the Dell Curved Gaming, 34 Inch and I'm extremely happy with it. Although a lot of times with this one display setup the plugin GUIs are almost always in the way of what I'm looking at in the arrange window... 

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13 hours ago, fuzzfilth said:

If you do video editing, you will greatly benefit from 2 or even 3 equally sized large monitors. In Logic, it's the same...


What resolutions are those? 1980 X 1080 each ?

Maybe I'll rise my speakers above the displays as well... 


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Yes. While I'd appreciate the screen estate of a 4k monitor, my aging eyes are not so fond of the tiny stuff that goes with it.

The lower three are curved and came at 150.- Euros each, so that was a very cost-efficient solution.

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On 2/9/2023 at 2:11 AM, David Nahmani said:

I asked the same question when I was shopping for a display last year: 

I have only just seen this. What did you settle on in the end? Personally I've gone for the LG 27UP850 27 which should hopefully be sufficient. Apple's official Studio Display is way too expensive for me, that's why I did a bit of hunting around. All this talk of pixels and resolution and things of that ilk went above my head, I'm mainly working with a DAW here so the graphics are not THAT important to me. I will be using FCPX as well, but as long as the monitor does all I ask of it then I'm okay with that.

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On 2/9/2023 at 6:42 AM, Little Fat Bloke said:

Have Apple stopped working with Logitech, does anyone know?  I believe they worked together some time ago but I have heard that is no longer the case.

“Worked together?” On what? Collaboration ≠ compatibility.

Especially in this case—it’s just a display, one of the easiest things to be able to use. Apple’s Studio Display is pricey because it has a lot of unique features besides just the screen, most of which are nice-to-haves but not need-to-haves for most users. Here, it’s more or less as simple as choosing a screen size and a resolution, and making sure the display has HDMI. (There are other specs that can be considered, of course, but I’m of the mind that displays are among the easiest gadgets to replace/upgrade, so it’s easy to get something that’s barebones, basic, but does the job, then move up from there.) 

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