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How to bounce the entire project range

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According to the Logic Pro manual, if you bounce a project (Cmd+B), by default Logic will select the bounce range to be the entire project. I have found this not to be true.

Whenever I open the bounce dialog (Cmd+B), the start and end of the range is always set to the currently set cycle range, regardless of whether or not cycle mode is currently on. Even if I remove the cycle range entirely by dragging it to be zero bars long, the bounce dialog still shows the last previous cycle region as start and end points.

How can I make it so that the bounce selection is actually the entire project by default, without having to set the start and end manually every time?

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2 minutes ago, fisherking said:

put the timeline at measure 1, with no loop turned on, and no regions highlighted.

or simply enter the start and end point in the bounce window...

Ugh, I had only looked at the cycle range and not at whether any regions were selected, turns out that was the problem. Thanks a lot!

"Simply" manually entering the start and end points is a pain in the butt (you always need to know how long your project is), that's why I asked.

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