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Software Instrument auto assignment / M Audio Oxygen Pro (or other controller)


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Hi all

I've had a scan though posts on the forum but couldn't find anything that quite matched my query. 

I have an M Audio Oxygen Pro 61 controller, with latest firmware upgrade and configured for Logic Pro as described in the step-by-step guide on M audio site. Logic Pro on Macbook Pro M1 Ventura 16.1 

I'm looking for support for Auto Assignment of Software Instrument knobs and dials to my controller so that instead of having to Learn each controller knob / SW instrument dial combination manually, this is pre-configured. E.g. elements like cutoff / resonance for the Retro synth instrument. The built-in Logic Mackie/HUI seems too generic to be able to do the mapping at the level I'm looking for; it picks up play/pause/record DAW control but what I'm really looking for is better SW instrument mapping. 

The behaviour I'm looking for exists in Ableton Live - this automatically maps the software instrument controls to the midi controller. Other things of-note is that the Oxygen seems to be able to pick up on the fact that it's connected to Ableton automatically and switch the DAW configuration; this doesn't seem to be the case for Logic Pro, as I hoped. I much prefer the sound quality and instruments of Logic.

Alternatively, a recommendation of a controller with keys that supports the auto-mapping of SW instruments would be very helpful. 

Thanks for your help!

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There isn't really any of that kind of plug and play for all software instruments in Logic. If you're controller supports the MCU protocol, this does allow for this, but these kinds of generic keyboards never implement software control to that level - it's usually mixer-only type features.

There is relatively automatic assignment of Smart Controls for Logic patches and content, but for proper control of software instruments, you'll have to learn it manually (or possibly get a controller that offers plugin control out of the box - like an MCU).

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I don't think you're going to find much in the way of auto mapping as you described in any controller.  Programming is relatively easy albeit a bit tedious and time consuming on the Oxygen.  Using the preset editor is definitely easier than doing it on the hardware side

For what you are describing, you'll have to go into preset mode and program presets for your plugins/virtual instruments.  There are a handful pre-loaded on the device but I'm pretty sure it's limited to what comes bundled with the controller and one or two others.  The capability is there but you'll have to set it up manually.

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Thanks both! I've been realising that my requirements are probably more towards performance. I'll give main stage a go and see what's possible there.

It also looks like there's some basic scripting supported in logic via lua so that might be another route - it's marginally more interesting than having to do the mapping manually. The idea would be for each of the smart controls map to a default layout on the controller. 

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