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I´d love to see a drum machine like XLN XO


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A few things that I would love to see in an updated drum machine.

First XLN XO is a fantastic drum machine albeit limited to only 8 samples 😞 and no midi learning and or mapping.  So it is flawed. However, its approach to organizing and learning samples and finding similar samples is by far the best sampling engine I have seen.  I would love logic to take this idea and run with it.

I would also like to see smart kit organizing, for example it would be nice if logic could create kits with the sounds in the correct spots.  Kick, snare, hi hat etc.  Smart kit building is soooo wonderful.  Kit makers does a decent job at utilizing this but it does not do everything that I would like it to.


As someone who loves weird drum samples and quirky things I would love to see the drum design become way more creative and intersting.  It would also be great to see and random button where it randomly generates kits.  Things like that are super fun and always welcomed.  






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