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Audio File with a 8 BIT format found (can't be played back)


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Hi everyone!

If it's possible, I would like to get one answer from David (I liked the way he explains stuff...)

I spent more than six hours reading through this forum, trying to find an answer to what's going on with a file that was recorded, edited, bounced, etc... yesterday, and today it just can't be played back thru CoreAudio anymore!!!!!

I found some posts that I think are related to the same subject - Is it what is referred to as the "8 bit bug"?

If the answer is yes, does Logic Pro 7.1 fixes it? How will I explain to the guitar player I'm producing that part of his take is gone????

Please, Help!!!!




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I'm afraid that's the 8 bit bug. I've never encountered it myself but keep hearing about it. Please, please make sure you tell Apple about this: http://www.apple.com/feedback/logic.html.


So supposedly in 7.1 you get an alert window asking you if you want to "fix" the file, and from what I've read, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


One last thing: at least it should show you how important back-ups are. Sure, that's a nasty bug you just encountered, but bugs are the nature of software, and failures happen in hardware. They are so many other reasons you could have lost those guitar takes (hard drive failure being the one most often responsible for lost Audio Files). Make sure you develop a backup system that's easy to perform on a regular basis and keep doing it!!


Good luck. And sorry for your loss :(

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Ok David, I appreciate your attention.

I'm working on the upgrade soon.


I totally agree with you in the back up issue and I'm really aware of it. One week ago I ordered a second HD exactly like the one that originally came with my G5:

Maxtor 160GB SATA Hard Disk. I'm just waiting to put my hands on it to install, but I have two questions about it:


1) Let's suppose that I had on HD 2 a back up of the whole song files, including arrange, audio files, etc. Wouldn't the back up also be corrupted by the 8 Bit bug, once it's a perfect copy of the original stored on HD1, assuming that when it was stored, it was not corrupted yet?

I didn't understand what or where the problem happens to corrupt the audio file: Logic or HD??


2) How would I develop a backup system that's easy to perform on a regular basis?

I think that simply saving the song (with all files) in HD 1 and HD 2 would be enough.

If you have any other methods that work better, please let me know!!!


Thank you again


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Here's how I do it:


I have HD1 and HD2 inside my computer, plus an external firewire drive.


HD1 is my system + applications drive.

HD2 is my Logic Projects drive.


The external firewire is an exact replica of HD2.


When I work on a project, I then backup the whole project folder by dragging it on my firewire drive in the correct location.


I don't know when the 8bit corruption occured. If the moment you closed Logic, the audio files were corrupted, then no backup system could have prevented you from losing your files: you would then have made a backup of a corrupted file.


You're right, that is a big problem!

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