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Upright Bass Virtual Instrument

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I did some research, but not enough.  I went with the VSL Upright Bass.  The plugin sounds real good, but it's a serious pain... I just wanted a virtual instrument.  I didn't know I was getting an orchestration tool.  You have to run their "server" which has a mixer and scans your plugins.  Basically it's a primitive DAW for composing using their virtual instruments.  It's not super user friend.  Not "hard" to work with, but a lot more than I wanted.  (I will also admit that I'm tired today so maybe tomorrow it will be easier.)

Once I got it working the latency was killing me.  The VSL was "behind".  Every. Note. Was. LATE.  A couple of start / stops and that issue went away, but it would creep up if I started the track mid-song.... but only sometimes.  I'm sure there is some setting, but again, it's not super user friendly.  I tried looking up their documentation, but again it's not user friendly.

I think what I "wanted" was their Synchron series, but I am not sure.  Their website talks about how great the recordings are, but they never really just dumb it down and say what the differences are.

It was only $43, so I shouldn't complain too much.

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