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Mic acoustic guitar with two mics

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Im trying to get a section of a song where the acoustic guitar goes leading with fingerpicking (its not a solo but more of a little complex folk fingerpicking pattern that underlines the chord progression) in a kind of rock/hip-hop/synthpop song. I have two shure mics (sm7b and sm57) and a Rhodes Nt-1a. Whats the mic positioning you would recommend? Should i go two mics? I know its kind of a trial and error thing, but as a starting point where would you start?

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Try them both. Set up the SM57’s in an XY and put the Rode below it.  Try to position them as best you can and take a test recording. 

I’d rather over mic something and have more options.  You can delete the tracks you don’t like or don’t use. 

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