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Automation in Spectrasonics Omnisphere

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Hello my LPX friends.  I wanted to automate a filter in Omnisphere, but all the parameters just say "unused".  I found info on "enable host automation", and that sounds good.  I could control click the filter, and apparently assign filter cutoff so Logic will list it as a parameter I can automate.  Many plugins show those parameters, like Arturia, so you can automate all kinds of specific parameters like you would an LPX instrument.

So for Omnisphere, when I control click on filter, I certainly get choices (screenshot attached), but I don't see the smaller window pictured in this article, which would allow me to enable host automation.   https://support.spectrasonics.net/manual/Omnisphere2/25/en/topic/concepts-automation-page01


Thank you for any help.



Screen Shot 2023-02-12 at 9.07.35 AM.png

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Right-clicking on automatable parameters definitely should give you a menu with host automation. The menu you post above doesn't look like the correct menu. Which specific control are you right/control clicking on? (This isn't determinable from your screenshot of just the menu.)

That to me looks like the menu you get with you right/control click on the *background* gui of Omnisphere, ie not on any control at all. It's a different menu to the one you get on an actual control.

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Ah!  You were right des!  I was clicking on Filter, but when I clicked on cutoff I found it, and it's now in the automation menu.  Thank you @polanoid also, appreciate your time today.

I kind of like it  this way, because instead of a massive list of inscrutable parameters I only see the ones I want to automate.  Not sure if that's why it's set up this way, but I can see advantage to it.  Thank you guys.

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