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Ocean Eyes Demo Stereo Out analysis


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Is anyone familiar with the Ocean Eyes Demo?

I'm working on a top-down approach for my mix and know that in addition to adding slight compression on my Stereo Out, I can also add console emulation or EQ. I've already added slight compression and can hear the glue effect immediately.

I don't know the approach taken with Ocean Eyes (or even how authentic it is to the original), but there is a compressor, tube EQ, and an Adaptive Limiter on the Stereo Out.

Does anyone have an analysis?





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I'm not sure what you mean by analysis - you can see what the plugins are, and how they are set, so in this project, there is some bus compression (don't know how much as I can't see how much gain reduction is happening in playback), some Pultec-style EQ, boost in the lows and the top, bit of shaping in the mids perhaps, and a limiter for safety (and not volume, but the looks of the settings).

Nothing radical or complicated...

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  1. The compressor makes the overall level a bit more consistent (about 4 dB of gain reduction), it's a colored compressor that emulates the SSL G Bus compressor, meant to add punch, energy and glue to the mix. 
  2. The Vintage Tube EQ adds a subtle coloration and a bit of distortion (Drive knob into the Silky output model).
  3. The adaptive limiter is used to correct the sample on the Snare channel strip, which is the only one that goes above 0 dBFS in the entire Mixer. It brings it down by a few dB to keep the mix below -0.1 dBFS. 
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