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Logic Pro X Education for the Not so Noob


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I've used Logic Pro X for a 4-5 years. Mostly mixing audio tracks and bouncing out MP3's for performance   A little bit of Automation (mostly just volume) and some software instrument tracks. EQ on tracks to separate instruments. Audio recording (guitar) and used of the Apple guitar processing suite. Some use of the Apple Drummer (mostly latin percussion). I have a Native Instruments subscription (also EZ Drummer, EzKeys) so I have plenty of software instruments that I mostly do not use.

Wondering what path i might pursue to advance my Logic Education. 

For example, I know little or nothing about mastering. I just create a mix I like, bounce it to 320kbps mp3, tweaking the output level (testing with mp3gain usually) till it meets my spec without clipping.

This isn't the only area I'd like to get better at, simply an example of my missing knowledge.

I don't expect to be the next great music producer, I just want to improve the quality of my work


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