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BPM counter with audio track....won't calculate BPM

Sean SKB

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Hi all. I'm brand new here. 

I have an audio track (electric guitar) that was recorded on an iphone. The quality isn't terrible but the counter won't do it's thing. Is there an EQ tweak I can do to the track that might help the BPM counter find it's BPM?


Thanks in advance

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If you don't mind sharing some of your recorded-on-a-phone guitar track, you could post a bit of it here if you can get it under the 1.95 MB limit (maybe post it in M4A format) so that we can take a look at it.

Other alternatives would be to try tap tempo, or just try different tempos until you get close enough. There might be things you could do to the audio to make it easier for Logic to interpret, but without seeing the actual audio, it's hard to say what might work.

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What's the purpose for using the BPM-Counter ? 

If it's a live recording of a guitar, not played to a click, the tempo will fluctuate and the BPM-Counter will not give reliable results. Much better to use Beatmapping as explained here:




to quickly get a useable Tempo Map, so you can either straighten out the fluctuating tempo of the guitar to a solid tempo, or create the rest of the song around the floating tempo if that's the better choice.

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Wow! I’ll read that right away. Thanks for the help.

The intention is to apply a drum track to the guitar just get a feel for the song. I’ll be writing lyrics for it and find that it helps to hear some percussion is all. 😎

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