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Audio to MIDI conversation issue


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I recently converted an audio file to midi and Logic did something odd.  It duplicated each note.  That is, each note was transcribed twice.  One on top of each other.  Same note, same starting point.  The only difference was the velocity.  The “top” note had a velocity of 1 while the “bottom” note had a velocity relative to how it was played. I had to edit and delete the top midi note.  

Has anyone seen this before?

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5 hours ago, David Nahmani said:

Did you use "Create MIDI Track from Flex Pitch Data"? I tried it just now and I can't reproduce your issue, not getting duplicates. 

Can you share an audio file or project file that would allow one of us to reproduce this behavior? 

I used Create Midi Track from Flex Pitch Data.  I didn't retain the original audio file.  It was a vocal I recorded to help me solidify a melody I was struggling to work out.  Maybe because it was my "unique" singing voice?

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