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Logic won't import MP4 video.

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I've been given an MP4 video file that I need to extract dialogue from. 

Its surround so the stems are clean.

I can play it on VLC (not a shock) but not QT and Logic won't let me import it.

I tried using Handbrake to change it but even though the file still seems to be surround the stems are not surround when I try to import into Logic (They are stereo)

Is there a way to re-encode the MP4 to get Logic to import it but retain the 6 channels?

(If I right click on the file and get info I see it says 'Audio:6 channels' but after encoding it it doesn't say anything.)


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1 hour ago, wonshu said:

Perhaps you can get Handbrake to only export the audio and only export the video, then you have 2 files and hopefully they're still in sync when you bring them into Logic. If Logic can open the video then...

Handbrake won’t export audio only. I checked on that. 
maybe there’s another reasonably priced program that takes audio stems from video files?

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1 minute ago, wonshu said:

If you're technically inclined and not afraid, you could install homebrew and ffmpeg - that should definitely be able to de-mux the audio and extract those channels.

But you have to be comfortable with the terminal...

I can be comfortable if I can make it happen. I’ll look for them. I’ve seen ffmpeg but I’ve not seen homebrew

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18 hours ago, wonshu said:

Perhaps you can get a binary of ffmpeg otherwise, I had to install it using homebrew.

I downloaded ffmpeg and homebrew. I need to have the Xtools and started downloading with terminal but that failed each time. 

Is there another way to do this?

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So I figured it out. I'm posting this here in case anyone is in the same boat.

First off, thank you @wonshu for trying to help. I clearly don't know what to do with home-brew and ffmpeg but you helped and I appreciate that.

This is how I did it (all with freeware)

I dropped the mp4 into MediaHuman Audio Converter and selected WAV/24bit and 5.1/48000Hz

This dumped out a surround file that I needed to split into the separate stems so I dropped it into Audacity and exported them as multiple.

This gave me wavs 24bit that I can use and send to post house after I'm done.

I hope this helps anyone in the future.



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