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Midi... and where is the sound?

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Good evening to all those who will mix to read.

This is my problem and I can't figure out which parameter I need to check.

I had compositions created from an old Korg Triton keyboard which I later ported to a Korg Triton Extreme keyboard.

Today I decided to recover a song from this keyboard (recording one track at a time) by connecting the Triton via USB and using it as a Midi device.

Midi information was created on Logic Pro track by track and so far so good.

But when I set up the virtual instrument I needed for any track I got no sound.

I copied the content of the midi track to another new track but obviously that didn't solve anything.
I tried to see if there was any midi or virtual instrument problem but everything is ok.
If I open the note editor of this track I see everything as normal.

Some idea?


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But now that I think about it, I did the same for another Korg and I didn't have the problem. Without checking which assignment the Korg keyboard tracks had by pouring them directly into Logic...just like I did now. I don't understand how never.

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Please correct me if I'm wrong. What you did and want to do:

You transferred the song from the Triton into Logic (you said track by track - this also could have probably worked at once - but that's not important).

You now want to use the virtual instruments inside Logic to play back this song?

Onto which Logic tracks did you make the transfer to begin with: Instrument tracks or External MIDI tracks?

Can you "play" the virtual instruments from the onscreen keyboard in Logic?

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yes I would like to use the virtual instruments (native Instruments) in Logic to play my tracks that I brought from the Triton in Logic Pro (as I had already done). I created non-audio tracks but midi tracks and yes I can do everything with Logic ... what concerns midi…playing using virtual instruments playing on the screen with the pointer etc…

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Aha! Native Instruments is an important information here.

A few more details would be nice. Please take screenshot of your arrange window. Also, please select one of the MIDI regions that don't play back and hit the "D" key to display the event list; take a screenshot of this as well.



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You might want to try with one of Logic’s stock instruments too as this will narrow the problem down ie they work then it’s something to do with Kontact, they don’t work then the Kontact stuff isn’t the problem.

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So ... this morning I tried to do several tests and I discovered an important thing that strangely had never happened to me before. I assigned the virtual instruments to each track recorded on Logic ( some by Native Instruments others by 8Dio and some by East West ) And it's not a problem of the instruments but of the midi channel of origin. The first track coming out of the Triton with midi channel 1 plays me if I assign it a virtual instrument while the others, coming from the keyboard with midi channels higher than 1, do not play me …so this is the problem. Is there a way to change the midi channel of already recorded tracks or do I have to re-record them assigning midi channel 1 to all?

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Thanks gecko...this was the simplest system. Now I can hear all the tracks by setting them all to midi channel 1. Thanks to everyone for the help and thanks to you for solving it.And thanks a lot fuzzfilth!


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To add some additional educational value: In Logic (and other programs) there are almost always different ways to achieve the same final result.

A third option would have been to adjust the receiving channel of the plugin. Some virtual instruments can simultaneously receive on different channels; Kontakt is among those. In those cases we must somehow match the MIDI channels, like in the good old days with hardware synths:


By default Kontakt sets this to channel 1. But this can be set to any channel:


If you want it to behave as most plugins you can set this to Omni instead.

For me the important thing is to be somewhat consistent when doing things so that no confusion arises later on (nothing worse than opening a project a year later and not knowing what happens why). In general I favor changing the MIDI channel of the source data so that in the end all data is on channel 1, pretty much as rAC and fuzzfilth suggested.

Anyway, I'm glad you found a solution. Feel free to ask if you have further questions.


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