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Plugging or unplugging headphones will crash Logic

Val Harmonic

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Anytime I plug in or unplug a headphone into my MBP M1 running Logic Pro 10.7.7 the program will severely lag or crash. This is a big issue since I need to do this regularly and have resorted to closing and opening my project each time I need to switch audio inputs. Any help appreciated.

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when you switch interfaces, core audio resets, and all your plugins reload. possibly related to 3rd-party plugins. are you running in rosetta? or have older plugins?

and is the 'output device' in logic set to 'system setting'? this would tell the app to use whatever device you choose in the mac's sound setting. 

i generally set the output in advance of opening logic, but am also on a silicon mac running 10.7.7, and when i do switch the audio out setting, it takes a minute, but does work here...

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Agree with fisherking: before opening especially big sessions you have to re-check your devices within Logic. Otherwise it loads, you won't hear anything, you choose your device - and that whole procedure with loading up everything (!) starts again - and might crash.

(yes, i reported this to Apple again and again).

Totally agree, that this is super annoying, as I am using my M1 in the studio as well as in the train, the cafe, my parents place - plugging headphones in and out.... 😄

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