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Exchange files Logic 10.7.1 between Logic 10.4.8

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I have two production machines. Between them, I want to exchange Logic files on regular basis:

Mac Mini M1, Ventura 13.1 (22C65), Logic 10.7.1
Mac Pro 5.1, High Sierra 10.13.6,  Logic 10.4.8 (A complex hardware setup forces me to avoid any updates here)

AFAIK these LPX versions are not compatible with each other.

But is there any trick, a workaround?
A virtual machine on M1?
Export for old versions like Adobe InDesign INX format, with reduced functionality, but still possible?

In the worst case, I could ditch the M1 and buy a Mac Mini 2018, which supports Mojave and 10.4.8.
But I like the silent M1 in my office.

Now I found this:

A guy is running Logic 10.5.1 on M1, Big Sur!
Now, the question is, how can I download 10.5.1?

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54 minutes ago, arseny said:

A guy is running Logic 10.5.1 on M1, Big Sur!

10.4.8 is running fine here on Big Sur as well (shows some graphical glitches, but no problems with crashes or strange behaviours)

55 minutes ago, arseny said:

how can I download 10.5.1

Would be best to find someone who still has a copy.

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Thanks! I don't know why, but I haven't tried to copy 10.4.8 to my M1 until now.
I was believing that this won't work, since it is a different CPU. 

But now I have Logic 10.4.8 running on Mac Mini M1, Ventura 13.1 !!!
Hope the audio is going to work, gonna report here later.

Thanks again.

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