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Odd, glitchy drum loop issue


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I imported a Logic drum loop into a new song, and grabbed a few fills from the same loop family. Pretty sure the loop was 60s Shuffle Drumset. 

I had no problems with it at first, but starting yesterday, the fills have gone weirdly glitchy on me. Not consistently, but once in a while. The song opens with 60s Shuffle Fill 14, which is a pretty straightforward fill, but when it goes glitchy, it staggers the hits. I turned Flex off, thinking that might be causing the weirdness, but that didn't fix it. I don't use Logic drum loops very often, but have never had issues in the past with them. 

I did just update Logic to 10.7.7 so maybe that's having an effect?


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Got it. So that's odd: the first time I played through I got some of those weird glitches in the fill at bar 37. Now I've tried playing from different points a bunch of time and I can't reproduce the issue. 

What I would do if I were you would be to try to bounce in place just the fill region, to turn it into a "normal" audio region that's not an Apple Loops, and make sure Flex is off for that region, just so you can move on - even though of course, you shouldn't experience this issue in the first place. 

Also one thing worth trying: to toggle the "Apple Loops: High quality" checkbox under File > Project Settings > Audio, see if one of the two states of that setting gives you better results? 

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I've only once been able to get the fill at measure 38 to glitch today, and that was with the High Quality box ticked. Often, the very first fill of the song goes wonky, but everything is on best behavior today, apparently!


It's not an urgent issue for me at the moment... as I mentioned, I did a BIP of the track and have been using it no problem. But it's a weird enough issue that I felt it worth checking in on...

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3 minutes ago, David Nahmani said:

Another thing I've noticed is that the fills have their Gain set to +0.4 dB in the inspector whereas the other loops don't have any gain change. Maybe remove that gain setting (you can option-click the +0.4 dB value) and see if that helps? 

Screen Shot 2023-02-22 at 5.12.20 PM.png

Curious! I'm guessing that's on me... I think I'd copied the fills from the Loop browser onto a separate track before dragging them up and into the basic drum loop track. I have Mute set as my default right-click tool, but perhaps I'd had it switched to Gain and somehow fussed the fills up +4dB before I moved 'em. No idea if/why that would cause them to go glitchy, but there are many fine mysteries in the world!

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Just now, grumblepig said:

No idea if/why that would cause them to go glitchy, but there are many fine mysteries in the world!

No idea either, frankly, just trying to see what's different about those regions that make them behave differently and I noticed that, and that's one more real-time process Logic has to deal with on those specific regions that are glitchy, so just ... something to try out if you ever find yourself in that same situation again. 

Meanwhile, I'm all for finding a workaround and moving on with your production, that's what matters the most! 🙂 

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