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Chapter 7 of Logic Pro X 10.5 page 349 item 2

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Page 349 item 2 says, "In the Remix FX plug-in window, click anywhere on the Filter XY pad. In Step Sequencer, three new rows are added." I have tried everything, those new layers do not show up. This is my first problem in the book, other wise it's been an excellent experience going through it for which I'm very grateful. Thanks in advance. 

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Thanks David. I have it in Learn mode. It's not working. Maybe it's a bug? I had another problem with my MIDI not working and I got help from Sweetwater, but the fix was basically just waiting for Logic to mysteriously fix itself. We basically tried some stuff and then undid the thing we tried and it suddenly worked. But I definitely have it in Learn with the red background in the box. Just noticed, in your quick example above you have only one track with a green note before you put the step sequencer in Learn mode. I have an octave of tracks. Does that make a difference? I'm grasping  at straws. LOVE the book after taking an online course that was not good. 

Wanted to add, I started the entire exercise over again to see if there was some other step that was causing the problem, got to the same spot, same thing. 


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The purple pulsing blob is normal. You don't see it when the click is very short but you see it if you hold the click even for a very short duration. In either cases you should see 3 new lanes created in the Step Editor. 

Can you try a new empty project, create only 1 software instrument track, insert the Remix FX, go in Learn mode and click the Filter pad, or the Repeater pad, see if that adds the lanes? 

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