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Safe to delete Sampler Instruments inside GarageBand?

Danny Wyatt

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When I'm searching for some EXS presets inside the Library, I see duplicates and I would like to reduce the library to unique presets, and also some of those open plugins such as Bass, Drums, etc, instead of the Sampler by default.

I noticed that all presets inside this folder:
/Library/Application Support/GarageBand/Instrument Library/Sampler/Sampler Instruments

show up in Logic as "Legacy" and all of those presets have another version that's not inside that folder, so it created duplicates. 

Is it safe to delete all presets here? Do you think that some Patches would be still referencing to these .exs files or would they be referencing to the other (new) versions outside this folder?

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perhaps move that folder to the desktop first. i tried deleting the garageband folder (in app support); the only thing in it was a set of guitar samples. when i re-opened logic, it welcomed me to the setup, and wanted to install 'basic content' (i quit, put the folder back), and all was well on another re-open....

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