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I assigned the “Go to Position…” key command to the Behringer X-Touch (MCU clone) USER button and...


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I assigned the Key command  “Go to Position…” to the GLOBAL VIEW’s USER button on my Behringer X-Touch MCU clone this way:Control Surface: Mackie Control/Global Views/None/User/Go to Position.GotoPosition-X-Touch.thumb.png.e959d65ecc4d322a375cd992b5c6c382.png

To go to a chosen position, say bar 10,  I do following sequence of button on the X-Touch:

USER opens the  “Go to Position…” dialog.
F1 button  inputs the digit number 1 in the position field
INPUTS button inputs the digit number 0**.
The “Go to Position…” dialog now displays 10 and the flashing cursor.

Pressing the ENTER utility button (or VPot 8: OK) exits the dialog but … nothing happens!
I need to  hit USER again and ENTER for the playhead to go to the chosen position, as expected.

So, each time I want to use the Go to Position key command assigned to the USER button, I need to do:
USER + enter the bar number  in the dialog + CANCEL + USER ( This time the number is formatted according to  the Beat Bar Division and Ticks input mask) + ENTER.ScreenShot2023-02-21at4_15_15PM.png.cd68575d636688a0d3d90570bc8a9ba0.png

This works OK but  is a bit of a pain.
OTOH, the sequence : USER + enter the bar number in the dialog + return on the iMac keyboard works as expected, but I would like to not use the keyboard at all to complete the procedure. Is this possible? Maybe there’s a way for the MCU (or X-Touch) ENTER button MIDI message to be translate as  real “keyboard return” by Logic ?

** On the X-Touch or on a real MCU, the digits 1..8 are entered using the F1..F9 function keys for digits 1..8, GLOBAL VIEW’S “MIDI TRACKS” and INPUTS buttons enter the digits 9 and 0.



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I don't know, but it sounds like when you input text, the Mac needs a return to confirm and exit text input, and then a return to actually OK the dialog.

Using the enter button via the MCU just OK's the dialog, without confirming the text input first, resulting in the behaviour you see. I'm not sure without playing with it whether you could workaround this, as the MCU doesn't really control the Mac's interface elements, it's just Logic wires up it's displayed dialogs to the MCU so you can OK/cancel etc without having to go back to the keyboard.

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Thanks des99.

I'll continue to use the wheel or markers to move around my projects then, with the bonus of having a numeric feedback on the LCD🙂 

I just noticed that I can also use the UP/DOWN buttons instead of the functions buttons to enter numbers in the dialog but it's not very user-friendly either and still no LCD feedback. 

Anyway, I guess that entering numbers using the MCU buttons never been useful to any users in any situations especially that you get no feedback on the LCD either, so...

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