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Project crashing on launch even in safe mode

Dave Blackburn

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I spent two hours working on a client's mix last night and had about 80% of it ready to go. I was using a combination of UAD, Plugin Alliance, and other plugins which have all been working fine on other recent projects (except the PA ones occasionally going "poof" but still letting me reload them a few seconds later).

This time though, it's catastrophic failure, and the project opens for ½ of a second and then crashes generating the attached crash report, even with my M1 Mac Studio booted in safe mode. Of course I was saving every few seconds, expecting trouble from the PA plugs, but it can't load either the saved or auto-saved version. 

I opened Logic with no project and did a full AU Plugin validation routine thinking that would find the problem but so far it hasn't. 

I can of course abandon all my work and re-open the project from before I began the mix but it would be a shame as I had something good underway. Does anyone know how to interpret the attached crash report and point me in a useful direction to be able to retrieve my work? Thanks, all. What a great forum this is!Logic crash report.rtf

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Hmm, I've seen that crash before, on CMDAudioUnit::CopyControlName(short) - previously it seemed to be Kontakt 7 that was the problem that time, but it certainly looks to be plugin related, even if I can't tell which.

Can you open Logic with Core Audio off (hold Control while launching Logic), then try opening the project? That should let you get in, and even if it continues to crash when you then enable Core Audio, it will help you troubleshoot by removing plugins and saving out a *copy* of the project until you identify the culprit.

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Thanks des99. Yes, I tried opening Logic with Core Audio off and the same instant crash happened. I can open Logic without issue but this particular project seems doomed. I use PA's Townhouse Buss Compressor all the time in my work but when I went to instantiate a second iteration of it in the project is the moment it all vanished the first time. I doubt, though, that it's that plugin. It seems more of a kernel panic thing.


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Unfortunately, with many PA plugins on Ventura, it's kinda problematic, as we all know.

Plugins can't cause kernel panics. But they can hard crash Logic, which is what happened by the looks, if there are serious compatibility problems.

You can't even load the project with Core Audio off? In this case, the plugins aren't loaded - it's possible the project has become corrupted. Can you try an import from that project into a new project?

How about running in Rosetta?

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28 minutes ago, des99 said:

Plugins can't cause kernel panics. But they can hard crash Logic

But in this case it's Logic itself that crashes (while getting some name from a plug-in, but the plug-in itself doesn't crash, so Logic should handle this gracefully).

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Well, in the 24 years I've been using Logic I haven't seen this level of crashing before where nothing I try lets the project load for more than a second before it goes "poof". As I wrote, it's the same with Audio Units disabled, which is very weird if it's a plugin crashing. Doesn't Ventura allow the project to reload its plugins after a crash rather than crash Logic altogether, as is happening here?

Anyway, I've spent almost two hours trying to retrieve two hours of work, so I should probably start this one over just to move forward.

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