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presets to buy from 3rd party for logic stock plugins

Sir Hannes

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Hi guys,

I'd like to purchase presets for logic stock plugins 

- for the phat fx, step fx

- ringshifter and other modulations

- evoc

- es2 (and others)

Channel strips, if no other way to get fresh ideas. I do not like channel strips, they are not handy enough to me (replacing my own ideas, not able to select which I want to load and not).


Thank you.

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You've tried the presets in those stock plug ins and don't like them?

Changed settings in presets to your liking and saved them as user presets?

Customised the channel strips to your liking and saved them as user presets?

There's no guarantee 3rd party presets would be any more to your liking than the ones you already have in Logic

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Hi fusbur,

many stock plugins have enormous potential to be used. The internal presets show just a little bit, programmed many years ago without all new tipps and tricks out there. If you want to fiddle around you can explore them more. But I have to deliver, to produce/ to work. That's why I pay others to help me.

3rd party products I hope have for many use-cases programmed presets with dedicated names, targeting specific musical genres and so on.  If anyone knows some, let me know. (channel strips not so preferred still 😉

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