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Presonus Quantum Preamps are being automated


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I have a problem with Logic and my Presonus Quantum interface.

The preamps are digitally controlled. So I gain stage the preamps directly on  the interface, and Logic keeps changing the gain via automation i guess. or its a bug. But I catn find where the automation data is. I would assume I would have needed to create a midi track to do that. And this is all happening on audio tracks.


Any advice would be appreciated:)



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Hi @jackerypie12345,

The Presonus Quantum's preamps do respond to MIDI CC7 for trimming their level, so that's probably what's controlling them. MIDI CC14 controls their phantom power on/off as well.

Check to see if you have something installed in Logic's Control Surfaces Setup window (Logic Pro menu > Control Surfaces > Setup...), because if you do and whatever you have there is configured to send MIDI on All ports or any port that reaches your Quantum, then moving a fader (even on an audio track) may send CC7 to your Quantum.


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