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How to half-tempo the song without slow down playback speed?


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Let´s say I have a project which has a constant tempo 180 bpm. For one reason or another I need the tempo to be half of it, which is 90 bpm. But I´ve already recorded audio and also MIDI regions and once I change the tempo in tempo track (or in tempo list editor), the MIDI regions are half tempoed also ofcourse. But I need them to play at the same speed, I only need to change the original tempo of the song because I set it wrong at the beginning. Now when I want to add some apple loops, they are in double tempo because the tempo of the song should be 90bpm...

Can I achieve this somehow?

PS - I know that if I leave the "Follow tempo" option of Audio region unticked, then the Audio region does not follow the tempo changes (what a suprise:) but how can this be done with MIDI regions?

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Here's one idea.


First, adjust the length of all the MIDI regions to be all of equal length, the length of the longest of you Regions. You can do that by selecting all the Regions, opening an event editor, double-clicking the background to see your regions, then hold Option+Shift while adjusting the length of the longest region to a round even number (so if the longest region is [13 2 0 187] you adjust it to [14 0 0 0]).


Now change your tempo to 90. Once you've applied the tempo change, select all your MIDI regions and grab their lower right corner. Drag toward the left while holding the Option key. Watch the yellow help tag to make the length of the MIDI regions exactly half what it was. In my example, [7 0 0 0]. When you let go of the mouse, Logic will ask you if you want to time stretch the region contents, click on yes.

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