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The groove track feature is incredibly frustrating.


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Has anyone else had this experience? You set up an audio track as a groove track, and I'm using a drum loop as the groove track. I've added a midi kick to beef up the kick in the loop. The timing is still a little off, but the groove is there. I nudge some of the kicks 5 ticks left or right until the match exactly. Everything sounds great. I copy/paste the region with the kick and suddenly, all of my timing edits are gone. Even the original region reverts. The region that I did the original edits on hasn't moved yet it still reverts. Does anyone else have this problem and if so, is there a solution? 

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just wondering; if you're fine-tuning placement of the kick, why do you need the groove track active?

and make sure your region is a perfect length (for example, 4 measures exactly), so that cutting-&-pasting it, it always lands on the exact start of the next section...

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Excellent question. The transient detect in logic is not always spot on. Logic will sometimes put the transient marker 5 to ten ticks before the actual kick transient. Worse, enabling the marker so you can move it to the correct start of the kick has no effect. there is still a faint outline of where the original marker was and that's what logic uses. You can't actually edit the groove track.

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