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Russian Dragon

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Waaaay off-topic for LPX, but worth a shot. A popular studio tool in the 90's was the Russian Dragon, pictured below. It gave a visual indication of the relative timing between 2 signals; say, a kick drum and a bass line, etc. The reference was fed into channel 1, and a central LED lit whenever there was a signal. The other signal was fed into input 2, and LED's would light up on the scale whenever there was signal present. You could then compare the central LED to the position of the 2nd input LED's on the scale and see if the 2nd input was "rushin'" or "draggin'". This was a horrible pun, but it worked. Does anyone know of an equivalent software program? I know you can compare waveforms in LPX, but by the time you factor in latency from plugins, etc., an aural/visual approach is quicker. 

This concludes today's ancient recording history lesson. Thank you.


Drake Russian Dragon.jpg

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I think the pun is awesome. Then again I do enjoy weird convoluted puns. 🤣

I remember seeing that device in a studio where I recorded drums in East Hollywood back a good few years ago. Quite useful to be able to tell the drummer what to correct. 

Unfortunately I'm not aware of anything that compares to this in the plug-in world. 

Maybe you need to ask Terrence Fletcher to attend your recording sessions? 


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41 minutes ago, Dox said:

The Russian Dragon would be a great addition to Logic as an indicator bar under the metronome.

I agree, as long as it doesn't slap you...

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