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Tascam FireOne - Experience Anyone?

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I'm using an Intel Macbook, Logic 8, and until recently an M-Audio firewire solo. I'd really like to get better mic preamps and the ability to control Logic without using a mouse, for the most part. So I stumbled upon the Tascam FireOne and was wondering if anyone has used it and if it would be a good choice for me.




I don't have a huge budget but I need to pick something up soon.


Thanks in advance for any help.



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Up! I'm looking for opinions on this interface as well. I'm on FireWire 410 at the moment but it's got too many outputs for my needs, a s/pdif connection and 192 kHz output quality, both which i don't use at all.


Fireone looks cool and the level controls just can't be worse than in 410. I've also been after a DAW sequencer controller like Shuttle Pro, and now i could have it integrated with an audio interface. For a rediculous price of 149 from Thomann.

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