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Logic Pro indicates "The System Stopped Working"?

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I am Jose Mogollon, from Guatemala, I am using the Logic Pro app,  on a 2020 Mac Book Pro, which I have updated with the latest operating system that corresponds, Ventura 13.0.1.

Now I need to report as follow: 

1-      The Logic Pro, repeatedly and during operation, has indicated to me: "THE SYSTEM STOPPED WORKING".  I must close and reopen it, with the consequences of loss of information and inconvenience in execution. 

2-      When I bounce a music project, logic pro doesn't always allow me to do it, it tells me again: "THE SYSTEM STOPPED WORKING";  I must restart it. 

3-      Frequently when I transfer a project from logic pro to MP3, the bounce does it, but only track No. 1 is transferred to MP3. 

Thank you and sorry for the inconveniences. 


Jose Mogollon




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  • David Nahmani changed the title to Logic Pro indicates "The System Stopped Working"?

There could be various reasons for same.

Could you provide more information regarding your system?

  • Logic precise version number
  • Plugins used
  • Audio and/or devices used/plugged in your Mac

Could you post a screen capture of that popping up "THE SYSTEM STOPPED WORKING" message?

Could you describe the type of project you are dealing with (a screen capture of the mixer pane could be really useful).

If you are encountering a system overload, try the following advices listed on the following support website:


If the above isn’t helpful, here is a troubleshooting rundown of steps to try listed on the following support website::



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