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Rendering Delay when exporting my kicks


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Hola todos. I'm new to Logic and new to this forum, so I might need some help...

So after my project was finished I wanted to export my kick (see first track in screenshot) with all FX on it for future projects. FX was some Logic Stuff, some third-party plugins. I selected the right track, set my cycle range up perfectly from the beginning of the kick sample, exported it via Export --> 1 Track as audio file and dragged it back in the session (see 2nd track on screenshot). 

However, the newly exported kick misses the attack completely and as you can see it fades in at the beginning, which completely destroys the sound of the kick. Note that when I play the original kick with all the FX on, the attack is perfectly fine. It's just missing in the exported version. Also I want to make clear that I don't want to increase the cycle range with a few ticks before the original sample, because then the snap won't be right for future projects because of the delay at the beginning.

So my question is: How can I export my newly created kick with all FX on it from the start to the end without expanding the cycle range and without delay in the rendered file? Maybe I'm missing some major settings...as I said I'm new to Logic (that didn't happen in FL Studio).

Thank you for the help! 🙂

Logic Render Issue.webp

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I don't know that this will address the issue, but have you tried bouncing (e.g. File->Bounce->Project or Section..., or command-B) rather than using the export function? As an experiment, I tried bouncing a kick, both offline and real-time, and also exporting it as you did. I phase-inverted all the bounced/exported kicks, and the bounced ones resulted in silence, while the exported one didn't.

I'll admit I haven't used the export function much, and off the top of my head I don't know why it would behave differently (although I bet others here will know). I've also heard anecdotal reports (I think) of some of the bounce features (like bounce in place) not necessarily handling latency correctly. But, trying 'Bounce->Project or Section...' might be a good thing to try. At the very least, it'll provide an additional data point.

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Thank you for the answer. So I tried now all possibilities. Bounce Project/Section and Bounce in Place. The funny thing is, Bounce Project/Section is slightly better than Export, but still missing a part of the attack. And Bounce in Place works perfectly fine.

So it appears that Export and Bounce Project/Section Options both have latency issues, while Bounce in Place is accurate.

Now my problem is, how can I get the Bounce in Place file, which is inside of that project, inside my "Kicks" folder in the Finder? 

The only way I see right now is exporting it to that folder which worked but is that really the most efficient way to get my Kick out of this project? That would be a big slow down to my previous DAW...

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Unfortunately I don't have an answer to the issue of the kick's attack being compromised (that might require being able to look at the actual project). Accessing the bounced file is straightforward though. Make sure your project is saved as a folder rather than as a package (you can access the audio files either way, but it's a little more straightforward with a folder), and you can then find it in the project folder. Furthermore, you can open the Logic browser (keyboard shortcut 'F'), make sure you're in the 'Project' tab, find the file, and choose 'show in Finder' from the contextual menu (or press command-shift-R). That may sound like a lot of steps, but once you're familiar with the process, it's fast and straightforward.

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